Take control of your redirects.
Next-generation collaborative tracker. Optimize your time.
Auto Import Offers

LandingTrack can autoimport offers from networks and pause them if they got down.

Campaigns optimization

Our service allow any amount of rules for blocking sources or pausing running campaings. Its checks every minute so you dont lose your profit.

Mobile Ready

All Sections have been made mobile ready, so you can monitor and manage all your campaigns everywhere.

Own Smartlink

You can create and customize your own smartlinks and share them with your clients. You can define traffic distribution rules per smartlink.

Api integration

LandingTrack trully integrates with other portals api, this way you can control dozens of other portals in a centralized way.

Real time Analytics

There is no batch processing here, everything get counted in realtime, forget delays and analyze the incomming data in realtime.

A/B Test

Grab all your offers, let our real time algorithm make the most of it and test your prelandings to boost your ROI.